Sunday, September 25, 2016

I am looking for input from other amateur photographers!

I have a camera collection that I started a few years back and this is one of them. I bought it at a church rummage sale for $5.00. It is a 35 mm camera and it allegedly works, though I will not try to find out as I am content with the digital process. I like to show them however from time to time.

But, I have started off point. A wise philosopher once said, (actually it was me) "THAT AN EXPERT WAS AN ORDINARY PERSON AT LEAST 25 MILES AWAY FROM HOME" I share this quote because I want to get some other amateur photographers to share their stories and techniques. I am sure that you have a lot to offer and others would appreciate being able to benefit from your experience. In other words, I would really like you to contribute. You will get proper RECOGNITION for your work. Plus, if you don't feel that you can write well, no problem if you give me the facts, I will ghost write the article for you. The more people who do it, the more people will be reached. The way to do that is to realize that each of us have a circle of influence and it will exponentially add up. 

If you are interested you can email me or message me on Facebook. I have a public Facebook page and my email is I hope you like the photo above and I will add a couple more now.

Here is another of the collection

This is another oldie but goodie

Look over the blog posts that are already here and figure out what you would like to add to them. It will be fun, and it will help you get further exposure as a photographer.